Components of Health


We do not experience what it is like to truly live until we are free from defining ourselves based on other's opinions of us, free from searching for others' approval, free from trying to be what others want us to be.  Truly live by accepting yourself, loving yourself, and allowing yourself to become the best that you can be.


It's true what they say, sometimes laughter is the best medicine.  Life is better when you are laughing because you will feel joy.  Laughter strengthens your immune system, increases energy and alleviates stress.  Laughter is good for your emotional health, so make sure you have a healthy dose!


 We often think of love as a noun, something that we feel.  If we think of love as a verb, something that we do, it powerfully transforms our life.  We need to actively show love with compassion and forgiveness.  Love does not require perfection; it desires commitment and aspires for acceptance.


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